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Ultra Fine Bubble Diffuser

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Ultra Fine Bubble Diffuser introduction
In practical projects, when fine air diffuser working, we find that the region of the highest stress is mainly in the outer edges and central membrane. As a result, the stretching of membrane with traditional design is limited, the membrane is in a high stress state for some time, it is very fragile and easy tear, furthermore faces high aeration resistance. Under such condition, the oxygenation capacity decreases, the power consumption and maintenance cost increase.

In order to avoid the abovementioned defects, we thicken the outer edges and central membrane. Unique designs can greatly improve the service life of fine air diffuser.

Ultra Fine Bubble Diffuser Characteristics

1. Double check valve and periphery fold sealing structure can prevent diaphragm dropping off from the PP plate.

2. Unique porous technology makes the disc air diffuser bubble release evenly, with High Oxygen Transmission efficiency (OTE).

3. Good effect on saving in power, and low operating cost.

4. The membrane has good self-cleaning and anti-clogging property.

5. Easy to exclude failure, easy maintenance and management.

6. Simple structure for easy installation.

Application for Ultra Fine Bubble Diffuser

1.Aeration of deep aeration basin

2.Aeration for denitrification/dephosphorization aerobic processes

3.Aeration for excreta and animal waste water treatment plant;

4.Aeration for SBR, MBBR reaction basin, contact oxidation pond ,and activated sludge aeration basin in sewage disposal plant

5.Aeration for high concentration wastewater aeration basin, and aeration for regulating pond of waste water treatment plant;

6.Aeration of fishpond and other applications.

Why Choose Hengye?

1.We have 10 years of production experience.

2.The company occupies 40,000 square meters, with standard workshops, first-class equipment and professional design team.

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